FuneralEXPO 2024 Funeral Art Fair

May, 9.10.11, 2024, 9:00-18:00, Expo Arad

Product and service categories presented at FuneralEXPO

Special Clothing for Funeral Operators

Ardent Chapel

Funeral furniture for Funeral Homes

Products and Equipment for domestic and international funeral transport

Funeral art and funeral articles for the Administration of Cemeteries

Funeral Paperwork

Romanian production and import coffin models

Thanatoesthetics and Thanatopraxis

Coffin linen

New and used funeral cars

Wreaths and flowers

Funeral urns

Commemorative jewelry

Funeral Recovery and Transport Cars


Cremation Systems

Machinery and Equipment

Legal aid for accident compensation

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Expo Arad

300 Aurel Vlaicu Strees, Arad, Postal Code 310375, Romania

RO: (004)0760715509
IT: (0039)3891625052


Period: May 09.10.11, 2024

Visiting hours: 09:00-18: 00

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